Our Services

Our Main Focuses are on supplying services and solutions for Marine Transportation, Offshore Drilling and installation support, Civil and EPC Construction Projects, Emergency Response, Long Distance Tows and Marine Equipment. Within our main focuses, we also concentrate on providing other services, Packages / Project Managed Solutions and Product’s to suit our client’s needs.

Whether operating and managing our exclusive fleet of vessels for short or long term requirements, we provide high level of support, service and guidance throughout to ensure seamless operations.

We remain involved from beginning to end, drawing up and negotiating contracts, organizing vessel mobilizations / demobilizations, Marine Warranty Surveys, Agencies, Supplies and bunkers and have a vast knowledge of regional requirements, relevant documents, clearances, additional insurance requirements, crewing, familiarization, marine operating and security procedures.

With a vast database and network of connections, we are able to use our expertise to source specialized equipment and services to compile a complete package which fits the needs of our clients.

Guidance and advice from our technical and operations team can often assist, streamline and enhance performance. On behalf of our esteemed manufacturers we also offer a wide range of high quality marine products and technical support.

Services Overview

Drilling Support and Offshore Supply

We provide support services to offshore drilling, pipe laying and oil producing assets. Whether you need to tow rigs from one location to another or lift and position the rigs’ anchors, support offshore construction projects, offshore accommodation, conduct material, cargo, crew transfers and supply runs; and position infrastructure at the correct place, we have developed a sophisticated network of services, to meet your objectives through efficiency, effectiveness and reliability.

Marine Transportation and Project Cargo

For customers who need high bollard pull towing capabilities and dynamic positioning, we offer towing, anchor handling and positioning of barges, heavy lifts and jack up rigs. We have the expertise and equipment to provide safe and reliable marine transportation and logistics services for project cargo movements, offshore construction and offshore module components in even the most challenging of environments.

Consultation, Project and Ship Management

Each project environment is unique and presents its own specific challenges. We look to share our expertise and experience in regional requirements and compliance to create a collaborative approach adding extra dimensions to our service offering and clear benefits to our customers. We closely monitor the performance of vessels or equipment throughout the charter / hire period and act as the owner with passion ensuring that the contract is conducted seamlessly, so the client does not have to and all parties to the agreement remain comfortable and satisfied throughout the duration of the contract.

Agency and Project Logistics

Infiniti Marine is committed to providing agency, crew handling – meet & greet, hotel bookings, shore pass arrangements, inward and outward clearances, spares clearance and delivery – by airfreight and sea freight and project logistics with supply of provisions, deck and engine stores and spares through our approved vendors.

Marine survey and monitoring

For your surface and subsurface data acquisition, we offer Seismic and Geophysical Survey Vessels using advanced seismic survey techniques e.g. high density 3D and 4D seismic surveys.

Full Technical Support Services

Our approach is similarly distinctive: blending specialist expertise, organizational skills and local knowledge to create bespoke, integrated solutions for the oil & gas industry. Our capabilities mean no-one is better equipped to provide you with the complete project package.

Specialized Equipment Sourcing

We have extensive knowledge and experience in sourcing and contracting of all types of offshore equipment including but not limited to Cranes, high quality Marine Fenders (Pneumatic or Foam Filled) along with accessories (STS), Tug Fenders, ROV, General supplies, PPE Equipment supply and Diving Equipment.

Sale, Purchase and Brokerage

We ensure your needs are met, bringing buyers and sellers together and providing a full range of brokerage services to Ship Owners and Marine Operators. Whether you require a Platform Supply Vessel, Anchor Handling Tug Towing Supply Vessels, Fast Crew Supply Vessels, Utility Supply Vessels, Safety Standby Vessels, Construction Support Vessels, Diving Support Vessels, Specialized Offshore Vessels, Seismic Vessels and Crew Boats, we provide you the right vessel for offshore jobs.